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We offer a bespoke service, please feel you can contact us to discuss ideas and details.


TEL 01297 443048

We have been working together,as Silver and Stone, designing and making silver and gold jewellery, for 21years.

We aim to continually develop and expand our ranges of handmade jewellery.

You can choose your wedding rings from the gold and silver ring ranges from the handmade ring section of this site.  To check your ring size, email or phone, for a free ring sizer.

Handmade Jewellery

Handmade Engagement Rings



Sue Yeoman & Michael Jefferies
Lyme Regis - Dorset/Devon - UK

It all started with threading buttons
& beads as a child. Making plastecine charms and jewels from found objects                  ...  Sue

Gold leaf necklace

Gold Necklaces

Gold Pendants

We use simple tools and techniques that go back to ancient times, to create handmade jewellery that could have been found on archeological digs.


Handmade Rings
Handmade Wedding Rings
Handmade Engagement Rings
Unusual Eternity Rings
Silver Engagement Rings
Handmade Silver Rings
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Handmade Necklaces
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Gold Necklaces
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Handmade Wedding Rings


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Stack of gold eternity rings
Silver heart pendant
Silver and amethyst heart necklace
Silver bead bangle
handmade necklace

Ruby Rings

Ruby engagement rings

Square Rings

Engagement Rings

Handmade silver beads
wedding band made in 18ct yellow gold
Stack of handmade gold wedding rings
Silver star earrings
Chunky round gold pendant
a very large and chunky silver heart pendant
Handmade silver bead bracelet

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Traditional Techniques

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Gas torch melting a lump of gold
Michael Jefferies making jewellery
Sue Yeoman making jewellery

Silver Rings


Wedding Rings

Silver Rings

Heart Pendants

Charm Beads


Eternity Rings

Gold Earrings

Engagement rings


contemporary square silver ring


We use many different stones in our engagement rings.But if you do not see what you want, you can e-mail us and we will do our best to source the stone of your choice.

Handmade rings
Handmade Silver Rings

Heart Necklaces

Silver engagement ring



Closing for the Summer
We are closing for the summer again this year so please get your orders in early.
Last orders on the website will be on
31st July.   We re-open for orders on 1st October
To check if we have enough time to finish your order email us jewellery@silverandstone.co.uk
Thanks ..... Sue & Michael