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a chunky silver leaf pendant, the left hand leaf of the pair
chunky silver leaf pendant, the right hand leaf of the pair
silver leaf pndant with a one pence coin
a chunky silver leaf pendant

Chunky leaf pendant (left hand leaf)
Code - p22

silver leaf pendant with burgandy satin pouch
chunky silver leaf pendant, left hand leaf of a pair
chunky silver leaf pendant, right hand leaf of the pair

Chunky leaf pendant (right hand leaf)
Code - p23

Chunky leaf pendant p22

Chunky leaf pendant p23

sue yeoman making pendants in the workshop

These silver leaves are a mirror image of each other, one a right hand, the other a left hand leaf. They are chunky & tactile, lightly hammered.  Both are carved in wax by Sue, and part of the ‘Leaf’ pendant collection.

They are thick, 3 dimensional, and go very well with all our heart leaf earrings.

michael jefferies working at his bench

After a light hammering, these pendants are hand brushed to give a matt satin finish.

Length - 3.5 cm

Buy the pendant on its own or with
16” or 18” silver snake chain

Price -  35
Price -  49  with chain    

Silver and Stone.co.uk
Sue Yeoman & Michael Jefferies HANDMADE PENDANTS

chunky silver leaf pendant on a silver chain
a pair of chunky silver leaf earrings

These matching earrings, go well with these pendants.

Handmade Leaf Earrings


Chunky Leaf Pendant






A handmade @ home  web-site by
Sue Yeoman  &  Michael Jefferies

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