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Large Heart Pendant

sue yeoman making pendants

This silver heart pendant is a very bold piece, really large, thick, chunky and heavy. it is hand carved, and individually handmade, each one is slightly different.

michael jefferies in the workshop

Once the heart has been lightly hammered, the silver is hand brushed  giving it a matt satin finish.

Length - Approximately 8cm

Buy the heart pendant on its own or with
16” or 18” silver snake chain

Large Heart Pendant
Code  p.hml.02

silver heart pendant with pouch

Postage and Returns Policy

handmade heart earrings

These heart earrings go well with the silver heart pendant. 

Silver Earrings

handmade gold heart pendant

We make heart  pendants in
9ct yellow gold &
9ct red gold.

Gold Heart Pendants

Large chunky silver hert pendant
Chunky silver heart pendant

Price - 125   Pendant
Price - 139 With chain


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