designer gold and silver ring stack

Silver and
Sue Yeoman & Michael Jefferies

designer engagement ring stack


New Jewellery Archive

When ‘New Jewellery’ pictures are deleted from our home page, we add them here.

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Twist Pendant

Silver disc

gold and silver handmade square rings stacked

Gold & Silver Square Rings

Gold & Silver Bead Bangles

Silver Heart Pendant

Gold Necklace

Silver Cuff


Star Pendant

silver chunky hammered ring

Silver Rings

Silver Bamboo Bangle

Silver Gold Bangle

Gold Pendant

Silver Necklace


Small disc earrings

red gold rings yellow gold ring amethyst gold ring

Amethyst & Gold Rings

Gold Heart Leaf Bangle

Silver Pebble Pendant

Gold Earings

Silver Earings

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