Charm bangle with  a heart and beads

Silver and
Sue Yeoman & Michael Jefferies Bead Bangles




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Charm bangle with 3 bush beads

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Handmade BanglesCharm Bangles .     

Bead Bangle

Handmade Silver Beads on a 3mm bangle.
Bangle is solid, slightly hammered and hand brushed, for a matt satin finish.
Beads move loosely on the bangle

Sue Yeoman making charm bangles
Michael Jefferies making charm bangles

Designed and made by

Sue Yeoman & Michael Jefferies
Lyme Regis - Dorset - UK

How to size a bangle

5 Bead Bangle

3 Chunky bush beads, two twist beads

Price - 150 - 160
Code - SB.3BB.2TW


3 Bead Bangle

1 Chunky bush bead, two twist beads

Price - 120 - 130
Code - SB.1BB.2TW


Postage & Returns

5 Bead Bangle

3 Bead Bangle

Silver 5 Bead Bangle

Bangle sizes

It is very easy to find the size you need, look at our Bangle sizing page for details.

Charm bangles are offered in 5 different sizes, from 6cm - 8cm internal diameter. 

If you want a different size let us know by

Getting the perfect fit

If your charm bangle does not fit well, return it to us, and we will remake your bangle, for no extra charge, to get a perfect fit.



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