Charm bangle with 5 silver beads

Silver and
Sue Yeoman & Michael Jefferies
Charm Beads



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Charm bangle with 3 silver bush beads


Charm Beads

5 handmade silver beads
silver twist charm bead
silver charm spacer bead
textured silver charm bead

Designed and made by
Sue Yeoman & Michael Jefferies
Lyme Regis - Dorset/Devon - UK

Sue & Michael in the workshop making beads

chunky silver spacer bead

Silver Bead. HBS.15

Silver Bead. HBS.13

Silver Bead. HBS.74

Silver Bead. HBS.73

silver textured charm bead

Silver Bead. HBS.72

Large holed handmade silver beads. These beads combine well together, and thread onto necklaces and bracelets. 

“We have been making beads for nearly 20 years, and continue to enjoy adding to our range” .. Sue

sue yeoman in the workshop
michael jefferies making beads

Add beads to your necklace or bracelet.
Mix and match with our
silver pendants to create your own necklace, or add extra beads to your existing jewellery .

Collectable Beads


Silver Charm Beads

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silver and blue beaded bracelet

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handmade silver beads on a silver bangle

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