designer silver and gemstone ring stack

Silver and


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designer silver and gemstone ring stack


Designer RingsGold Engagement Rings . Silver Engagement Rings 1   .   2   .   Eternity Rings

Designer Silver Engagement Rings

Michael and Sue with engagement rings

Designed and handmade by
Sue Yeoman & Michael Jefferies
Lyme Regis    
Dorset/Devon, UK

Our Silver Engagement Rings are set with
Precious and semi precious stones, in hand crafted Gold nuggets. These rings are individually made and hand brushed to create chunky contemporary designs .

Allow 3-4 weeks when ordering your Silver Engagement Ring

sue yeoman making rings in the workshop
michael jerfferies making an engagement ring

Sue & Michael in the workshop making Engagement Rings

We will make your Silver Engagement Ring fit perfectly.   Post it back if it doesnt, and we will sort it out for you ...

Free ring sizer - sent by post

Email us -
Phone  - 01297443048

We use various gemstones in our Designer Silver Engagement Rings. Contact us if you would like a different stone in your ring.

*  Blue Sapphire
*  Purple Sapphire
*  Pink Sapphire
*  Diamond
*  Ruby
*  Emerald
*  Amethyst
*  Topaz

15 day Returns Policy


diamond silver engagement ring

Diamond Ring

silver sapphire engagement ring

Sapphire Ring    

two topaz engagement rings

Topaz Rings  

designer diamond engagement ring

Diamond Ring

designer silver engagement ring with amethyst
stack of topaz engagement rings with diamond  engagement rings

Amethyst Ring

Topaz, Sapphire & Diamond Rings

three diamonds set into a silver ring

Eternity Ring

Amethyst Engagement ring on silver ring

Amethyst Ring

handmade amethyst engagement ring

Amethyst Ring

emerald engagement band

Emerald Band


handmade ruby engagement ring

Ruby Ring

white topaz set into silver on a silver ring

Topaz Rings  

designer amethyst engagement ring

Amethyst Ring

silver engagement ring with sapphire

Sapphire Band  

topaz engagement band

Topaz Band

amethyst engagement band

Amethyst Band

diamond set into a silver ring

Eternity Ring

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Sue Yeoman &  Michael Jefferies