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Handmade Eternity Rings

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Unusual Eternity Rings

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michael jefferies in the workshop making an eternity ring

Designed and made by

Sue Yeoman & Michael Jefferies
Lyme Regis - Dorset/Devon - UK

Each of our Eternity Rings will be individually made for you.  Allow at least 5-6 weeks when ordering your ring.

We guarantee to make your ring fit perfectly.  

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red gold 14 diamond full eternity ring
Handmade square diamond eternity ring in red gold
Single diamond eternity ring handmade in red gold
Handmade 3 diamond eternity ring
single diamond handmade eternity ring in 18ct yellow gold

Our Eternity Rings are handmade, and available in both Gold and in Silver.  Set with Diamonds, they have a handbrushed finish.


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Eternity Rings symbolise eternal love and commitment. They can be worn as Wedding Rings, Engagement Rings, or Commitment Rings.  Or to commemorate a special occasion, such as the birth of a child, or a significant moment in ones life

Full Eternity Rings have stones set all the way round the ring, scattering light from multiple angles.

Half Eternity Rings have stones just at the front, giving the look of a full Eternity Ring, at a lower price.

Diamonds represent eternity as they are one of the strongest materials on earth.

Handmade Wedding Rings
Handmade Engagement Rings
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Full Eternity Ring

Half Eternity Ring

Engagement Ring

Diamond Ring

Diamond Ring

Stack of Diamond Eternity Rings

White gold eternity ring with 4 diamonds

Half Eternity Ring

Chunky white gold eternity ring with a single diamond

Diamond Ring

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Eternity Ring

Half Eternity Band

Half Eternity Ring

Diamond Ring


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4 Diamond Band

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