handmade gold leaf pendant
handmade  gold heart  pendant
handmade gold  heart pendant

Hand brushed 9ct yellow and Rose gold, for a Satin finish.

All gold charms & pendants are individually made to order,  allow up to three weeks for delivery.

15 day Returns Policy

If sudden changes occurr in gold prices due to fluctuations in the gold & silver markets,  we will
email you to discuss and approve before proceeding with your order.

handmade gold pendant
handmade gold disc pendant
handmade gold cross pendant

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handmade gold pendant
handmade 9ct red gold pendant
handmade gold heart pendant


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handmade designer art jewellery silver gold sugilite pin

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Handmade Gold Pendants

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Sue Yeoman & Michael Jefferies
Lyme Regis - Dorset - UK

Sue Yeoman making necklaces
Michael Jefferies making necklaces

9ct Gold Disc Pendant  Code GP06

9ct Gold Pebble Pendant Code GP54

9ct Gold Leaf Pendant  Code GP53

9ct Red Gold Pendant    Code GP16

9ct Gold Leaf Pendant  Code GP37

Gold heart leaf pendant   GP.07 

9ct Gold Cross Pendant  Code GP43

9ct Gold Heart Leaf   Code GP36 

9ct Gold Pebble Pendant  Code GP55

9ct Gold Heart          Code GP38 

9ct Gold Pebble Pendant  Code GP56

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