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Silver and
Sue Yeoman & Michael Jefferies Silver Necklaces

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michael jefferies in the workshop

Sue Yeoman & Michael Jefferies
Lyme Regis - Dorset - Devon - UK

sue yeoman making pendants

Designed and made by

Heart Necklaces

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We have been designing and making silver and gold jewellery together for over 16 years, from our workshop in Dorset.

Our range of heart leaf necklaces combines silver pendants, charms and beads, which thread on and off silver chain, and are all interchangeable.

Mix and match our pendants and beads to make your own handmade necklace design.

Contact us if you would like to discuss other design options.

We make a range of matching earrings

Silver Earrings

See also our range of matching gold pendants.

Gold Pendants

You may like to see our range of Crystal Necklaces.

Crystal Necklaces

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29 April 20190) 

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“I received my necklace this morning, and am absolutely thrilled with it.
The finish and design are beautiful. 
It’s just as lovely as the pictures on your website” 
Lynne - Suffolk. U.K.

Hearts with twist beads necklace
Hearts and leaf necklace


Charms necklace




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